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#1 Black Female with white on chest -Reserved for OH.

Puppy ID: 74
Puppy Litter ID: 1
Gender: Female
Litter: Litter Details
Mother: Reba
Sire: Dakota

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More Details

This pup is a natural hunter and retriever she is one of the leaders always looking for her master. She loves to explore as long as you are in the area. She an awesome white spot on her chest that looks like an upside down heart! Very unique and special!

Reservation Information

At this time the pups come in all colors: black, chocolate, yellow, white, brown/white spotted and black/white spotted. We are very blessed with the dogs we have in our care. By upholding high standards in our breeding program, it is our wish that others may enjoy the great qualities and uniqueness of these Hybrid Dogs for years to come.

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