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77 lbs

I love this place I'm the only purebred German Shorthair in the kennel.

At 8 months old I  had it all figured out!!  The hunters would bring home pheasants at the end of the day and allow me to fetch them a few times before they hit the cleaning table. In December I finally got my chance to ride the hunting bus. My first day in the field on a solo hunt I pointed a hen then flushed and retrieved my first roster. This is so easy why did I not get on that bus sooner!

This season 12 year old Duke and I have became a real team. I love pointing  and honoring Duke's points.  Duke is great to hunt with, he lets me retrieve everything.

Jake is a Great young hunter. We have not spent 1 hour training him and he can hunt right beside our best. He always has his nose on the ground and knows how to search out and find a down bird.

He is a great addition to our kennel and we already look forward to hunting with his future sons and daughters!

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